Galaxy's Edge - Crowd Level, Touring Plans, Adjusted expectations, etc

New to the forums and touring plans for WDW so please feel free to tell me where to go … nicely :slight_smile:

Has there been any talk or advice on any changes to the Touring Plans wait times and Crowd levels for Galaxy’s Edge/ Hollywood Studios?

With the hub bub on Disneyland crowds being a bit less then expected now, block outs for AP’s, etc I was wondering if this has impacted the data behind the Touring Plans for Galaxy’s edge in WDW and its opening on 8/29. Also with Rise of the Resistance opening sooner in WDW then DL… if that impacts the data for crowds and wait times.

I’m not exactly sure how the data is complied and used for current wait times at Galaxy’s Edge for Savvi’s and Smugglers run in WDW as there is no Real Time data yet, so I am curious if that data/algorithm/software is expected to change or be adjusted?

I am going in October and the touring plan has long wait times, even for EMH. I was curious if this would be adjusted at any point after having some data from DL to compare too, and with lowered crowd levels at DL, or if this is expected to be a bigger deal then DL.

If anyone could point me to something I appreciate it, or if someone cares to discuss Id appreciate it.

This topic has come up on The Disney Dish podcast - the podcast done by the operators of Touring Plans.

They have stated that the only data they can use is the recent openings of Pandora and TSL. They, like just about everyone else, though the DLR crowds would be much higher after opening day. So until the WDW / DHS SWGE opens and they see what actually happens there’s not much to go on.

If you want to use DLR as the expectation, then DHS may be extremely busy and the other 3 parks will be lower attendance. But that’s just conjecture. WDW is an entirely different beast in terms of attendance.

Hotel occupancy has been way down at WDW through the end of the year. This is why you may have recently seen more free dining and Disney Visa card hotel discounts this week.


Thanks, yeah I snagged a room discount yesterday and I figured that was the reason as well. I’m not complaining.

I need to listen to the podcast as I am sure I will get more info about the “geek stuff” which is what I find so fascinating, and crucial to my kind of planning. I kind of expected there to be a limbo period of figuring out how WDW and SWGE are going to change. I plan on spending the Morning in Galaxy’s edge starting at EEMH which I think should be plenty of time. but I also have a Toy Story Mania on the plan for that day and am I still contemplating when/if to get a AFP along with the rest of the plans to try and get in that afternoon, may have to drop one or two of the “shows” we planned on seeing as SWGE is the reason we are going to HS.

Yeah… DHS for a long time has been a 1/2 day park. With TSL and now SWGE opening, IMHO, it’s not only a whole day park, but maybe two days.

On my next trip I’m planning 3 days at DHS!??! That’s the same as I usually spend in MK!!
(One day for SWGE, another just for TSL and a couple shows, the last for all the other rides & etc…)

wow! Our plan is very relaxed. I’m taking my mom and she is 60 so roller coasters aren’t really in any of our plans so we are able to do less in one day I think.

Although since the food choices are not as exciting in HS we are planning to leave the park at got CBR for lunch since the Skyliner is going to be open. That way we get to experience that and get a better lunch. But it throws a wrench in the AM/PM plans when you leave the park and who knows how busy that thing is going to be mid day. Hopefully around 11 am wont be as busy and we will be hungry enough to have lunch then.


You say this like 60 is old :slight_smile: My mid-70s parents would be offended. Plenty of 60-somethings (and 70 somethings) love rollercoasters!


Not at all! She doesn’t want to do any rides and bc she’s 60 she gets to set the pace lol.

Im okay not riding them either though and I’m only 36, 37 the day I have too book my AFP ha!

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LOL I had the same thought! “Boy, wouldn’t my mom be mad!”

LOL my mom who turns 70 next year just got back from a hiking vacation in Nepal - she went with her sister who’s 74! I’m ashamed to say they’re probably both in better shape than I am…! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hello, I’m new to this forum as well, and going to WDW in November :grin: along the same lines as the OP, do the predicted wait times for rides in HS later on this year take into account the fact that they will be pretty much all tier 1 for FP? Would you expect lines to move faster if there are less FP being issued per ride? Thanks :grin:

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Currently there are NO FP for anything in SWGE. Not even sure if that will change this year because of Rise of the Resistance opening at the end of the year they will probably keep the no FP for that as well.

Disneyland did the 4 hour reservations for guests with resort stays, but so far that is not the case for WDW opening. Seeing as its only about a month and a half away from opening its going to be first come first serve option which is one of the basis for the guessing how things will be different with Touring Plans and Wait Times.

oh totally! I dont mind going at a slower pace and it helps with AFP’s that I dont have to focus on any of the roller coasters.

It sounded really bad the way I said it but I meant it as a reason she sets the pace not that people that age are old and incapable, just more of a reason why we aren’t doing roller coasters bc she doesn’t want to.

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Don’t worry, I totally got it! :+1:

No worries at all! She’s just super sensitive about things like that – you would not believe the flak I got when I called Dancing with the Stars an “old person’s show” (it’s her favorite show) lol.

Thanks :grinning: I was wondering more for the other rides in HS. As in if people can only hold 1 FP in total for TOT, RnR, TSL rides etc etc, do we think that would make lines move faster as the FP queue would be shorter, and do the current predicted TP wait times for the rides reflect that (if that makes sense)

ah yes I see … there’s only one other ride I want to ride - Toy Story Mania lol . But yeah, I’m curious how its all gonna work out, and then things will be totally different again when Rise of the Resistance opens! I know some people are waiting for that one to open before they visit at all.