Galaxy’s Edge reservation!


Thanks amiga! We made sure to have a bunch of open browsers on our computers and also our phones working on it to be able to get through! And our back-up plan was that we would keep our on-site hotel guaranteed reservation if we decided we had to see it, but with three kids on the younger side we weren’t sure we even wanted to be there opening weekend!


You are probably the wise one waiting it out until fall. Mine & the hubby’s annual passes expire in August so I’m calling it the “Summer of GE” for us. The only problem is the kids’ annual passes wer on different renewal dates & are right now expired so we have to decide to renew them & still be off a few months from them or pay for tickets for the kids until our renewals can all sync up to the same month at least.


I have a reservation for June 5th in the morning. Just 4 more weeks!

We may be at Disneyland on June 1st as well. I’ll be keeping my eye on reports of crowds, parking, etc. on May 31st. I’m dreading the crowds but with the limited passes, maybe it won’t be too bad …


You’re a Liner! You’ll breeze through everything and have a splendid time!! Enjoy to the max amigo!