Galaxy’s Edge reservation!


Please do boast and brag! Who here got a reservation for Galaxy’s Edge???


I was one of the dodo’s who completely missed the link to add people with me and got one for just me myself solo but luckily DH got into the reservations system seconds after & was able to get himself & the kids for the same day/time. Phew!

We’ll be there a week after opening. Hopefully some time to work out the kinks.

(We did also totally have a DLH hotel reservation for May 31 with a guaranteed SWGE for the day after, but as that did NOT get us into opening day- which we were already pretty hesitant about going to- and add in that that weekend works less well with the schedule on the homefront, we are cancelling that).


Have a great time amiga!! You are one of the lucky ones! Chosen few! I am envious beyond words!!


Sorry we will miss you on opening day!


I have 2 GE reservations, from onsite hotel stays. I will be there opening day and the day after!


I knew you’d be on this list! I just knew it! Have a wonderful time amiga!!


Thanks! I don’t even like Star Wars much, but it is going to be so exciting to be there opening weekend!


Shush! That is a phrase you will never utter again understood?




So no wishing you may the 4th be with you?


wait…is this for wdw or dl?




oh okay. thought I missed something congrats @Wahoohokie


Are you joining us in WDW opening day amiga?


No reservations for you amiga?


And @lolabear_la!


No, not opening day…end of OCtober


You’ll let me know when WDW SWGE reservations are mentioned or opened right?


yes and vice versa. I’m kinda slow on the draw…just heard about new park hours and EMM like 15 minutes ago


No, I am heading to WDW for the first time! I will let things die down and then check it out. I have an DL annual pass that expires in November, so I am going to try for a couple of trips in the fall.