Galaxies Edge vs Toy Story Land

Hello all! I’m needing advice on how best to utilize our time at Hollywood Studios. Our trip is Nov. 30th-Dec. 7th 2019. This was going to be “the perfect week” until they announced the opening of RoR for Dec. 5th. Our plans already included going to HS on Dec. 6th with an extra few hours the morning of Dec. 1st. before MVMCP that evening.
So, should we use those 4 hours to see all of GE and then spend Friday seeing the rest of HS and hopefully RoR? Or, do we use those 4 hours for Toy Story Land (and maybe a couple other things), and focus on GE on our full day in the park? We have several reservations for GE on the 6th, so I know we will be able to get in, but will we be able to ride RoR? I’m traveling with a group of 7, any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

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So far, crowd levels seem relatively low for the opening of star wars. Time will tell if that is a result of the approaching hurricane or people waiting for RoR.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure what will happen the first week of December with crowds. Are you staying on site so you can take advantage of the extra EMH in the morning? That will help if you’re willing to wake up early.

Yes, we are on property, and that is why we selected HS for that day. Maybe we will gain more insight as the weeks pass. Just trying to get some more opinions before it’s time to book my FPP. Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum!! I believe the extra EMH ended on the 2nd of November?? You may want to confirm that. No news yet if they’ll extend that perk!

I was wondering about this myself I just didn’t bother to look it up :grin:

I’m assuming they add more for the opening of RoR.

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