Galactic StarCruiser schedule

Hi, Does anyone know when the schedule for the Galactics Starcruiser expands ? We are considering a visit for April 2024 and just want to get an idea on pricing. Maybe just price one of the April 2023 trips and hope pricing is similar.

I don’t know the answer…but weird stuff is happening with the cruiser. Some dates have been outright cancelled, and they aren’t filling up any cruises. Some CMs have quit recently as well.

Purely a guess, but I anticipate Disney will be making changes. Either offering discounts to get more people in, or simplifying the experience to reduce costs. (The latter of which they sort of have done already, to a small degree.)


They are already trying to offer a ‘deal adjacent’ Save Up to $700 on a 2-Night Stay At a Select Disney Resort Hotel | Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Voyages | Walt Disney World Resort (


They are in a tricky spot. If they offer discounts to the actual voyages, and people don’t bite, all they have done is given discounts to those who already booked and then call to get the discounted price…which makes matters worse for Disney, in terms of any given voyage bringing in revenue to offset costs.

So, I can see why such an adjacent deal is a hope to convince people to either book, or perhaps get those already booked to extend their visit.

Disney has created a bit of a mess for themselves. I’m struggling to see a future where the Starcruiser experience can continue to exist as it currently is for very much longer. :confused:


Thank you. I’m ok with discounts! Maybe I’ll give them a call and see if they can tell when April 2024 will be available to purchase or at least price out. I’ll pass on any info. Hopefully its not a long phone call!

Quick phone call with Star cruiser customer service. Not likely to see April 2024 dates until late in the year. We are hoping to start our trip with star cruiser and then switch to grand Floridian or boardwalk, so I guess we need to book directly with Disney in order to make any changes. Too bad, we normally book with Davids vacation club for the extra savings.

Glad I went last summer as I got full experience and it was great! Even tho it gave me Covid. :wink:


:-(. But prolly means more money for them so that’ll make Disney happy

I’m so jealous. My plan is to go in Aprilish 2024, but I’m afeared it’s not going to last that long. :crossed_fingers:

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From what I’ve read, all actors were on 1 year contracts, and all contracts came up for renewal. It’s an intense job - probably similar to a Broadway actor does or worse since they are acting for more than a couple of hours each day. All that to say, I didn’t find the turnover alarming.

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Originally, I didn’t. But I watched this guy on YouTube (sorry…blanking who it was…I’ll see if I can dig it up) where he played the videos of a few of the key actors announcing that they were quitting. All seemed well…EXCEPT that there was a mysterious similarity in their language choice…almost as if they had been told what to say.

It might not be anything to worry about…but at the same time, it leaves me wondering if they have more to say, but aren’t allowed to say it.

This is why I mentioned it being “weird”.


But you also might not get Covid! ;-). So there’s that!