G+ Selling Out

Anyone know what’s going on with this? Understand bigger than usual Feb. Tuesday crowds due to holiday yesterday - but selling out at MK? Gotta be a glitch, right?


Crowds were…“crowdy” yesterday, so maybe not a glitch.

If people were anticipating high crowds, they might have been more likely, for a short weekend trip, to buy Genie+, causing them to sell out.


Yesterday the multi-park option sold out despite it being available for all 4 parks at the time.

I think they’re playing around with availability to try and manage the complaints from recent days that stand-by lines came to a complete standstill for some rides. I think CMs also stopped people entering the stand-by line for a couple of rides too.


If true, this is shameful for Disney. People are paying money to be able to ride rides, and with the expectation that stand-by queues should be available.

If Disney is charging extra money (for G+) to steal that time away from from the regular paying guests, it is exactly what I predicted would happen, and my MAJOR problem with G+. Disney doesn’t care that folks are paying $150+. They want you to pay that, PLUS more now!

This infuriates me…so hopefully Disney is fixing this mess by reducing availability of G+ (as they should have been doing all along).


I think it was a combination of heavy Presidents Day week crowds plus the weather. It rained basically all day on both Saturday and Sunday. With no park reservations it appeared most guests were “saving” MK (and AK) for a nicer day. Monday had some drizzle in the morning and then cleared. Tuesday was perfect.

Crowd calendar those four days:
MK expected - 7, 7, 6, 7
MK actual - 5, 2, 8, 10

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