G+ opinion (currently at DW)

So we are on our 5th day of our trip to DW. We still have tomorrow to go. It is busy here, busier than the trips we have done prepandemic. We tried G+ once late afternoon/evening at MK, stacking while we were at HS in the AM. It was helpful to hit a lot of more popular attractions. The rest of the trip, no G+. We hopped on 7dmt during the fireworks and had a 5-10 minute wait. We rope dropped a bunch of headliners, including RotR.

Just my opinion, G+ is not needed if you know what you are doing. Mornings and evenings are the best for wait times.

I understand utilizing it for short trips or if you don’t want to get up early. But G+ is not an absolute must, especially when staying onsite.




After reading Becky Gandillon’s article yesterday in regards to G+ availability, HS is really the only place that it might be useful for the average guest. Someone with small kids may find it useful at MK because of the plethora of rides there geared for the younger crowd. It does not appear to be necessary for AK or Epcot at all in any situation.

Spend your $15 elsewhere (like on a touring plans subscription!)

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We didn’t need it for HS. We rode Smugglers Run twice, Star Tours twice, MMRR once, explored SWGE and TSL since they were new to us, built droids are QS dinner and did Ogas from about 4/4:30-9pm. The next morning, we RD’ed RotR, rode Smugglers Run, Tot, RnRC, muppets, and Star tours between 7:45am and 11:30am.

We plan on rope dropping SDD and the rest of TSL tomorrow morning.

I watched G+ times for HS some and they go quick. You have to know what you are doing to excel in HS with G+.

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