FYI Thanksgiving week weather

I am seeing that the Thanksgiving week forecast is so far the best forecast I’ve had. So, that makes me feel odd that I’ve recommended many times on this forum to have winter clothes, even coats, handy. But what happened to us the first 2 times at Thanksgiving week is that we’d have the nice temps that are forecast now—highs in the high 70s and lows in 60s—but then it would storm a lot one day and the temp would plummet the next day. That’s the reason to have at least some warm jackets handy. One year that was known in advance but the other year it was a surprise.

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We’re going on Thanksgiving week, and I decided to pack the day before we leave. Florida weather is unpredictable, but coats and gloves could be useful if someone is not used to 60 degree weather. We’re coming from NYC, so t-shirts and jeans all day long–when the weather gets down to 60, we’ll grab a cup of coffee and keep on going.

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We experienced weather as low as the low 40s in 2014 and 15, but it was like one or two days like that and the others much warmer. My worst experience was Black Friday 2014 at night when I had on all my layers, my winter coat, and gloves etc and was still too cold. Great touring at MK though b/c most people cleared out of the park.

I went 2 years in a row the week after thanksgiving and never had to wear hats and gloves, weather was also between 70 to 80 for the high. We definitely wore coats one morning, and because of young kids did not stay late at the parks, so never really wore them at night. Just wait till a week out to make plans for packing.

Maybe my experiences were atypical b/c we experienced a major storm both times. Not a named storm or anything—just a really nasty day.