FYI: Minor FP+ bug in Optimizer UI

FYI: We’ve found a small bug in the Optimizer UI. If you enter a FP+ start time that’s before you get to the park, the UI will delete the FP (and not use it). Should have a fix soon. Workaround is to change FP start time to plan start time, or vice-versa.

I’ll post an update when this is fixed. Thanks!


Thanks for letting us know Len!
Haven’t had it happen yet… but I know I’d panic if it did!

An additional workaround is to enter the actual FPP start time, use that as your plan start time, and then add a rest break that covers the time that you will not be in the park. For example, for an FPP at 4:00 with park entry at 4:30, put the FPP and plan start in for 4:00 and add a rest break from 4:00 to 4:30.

This is now fixed. Thanks!

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