FYI MDE FPP sélection changed yesterday

Making modifications means you have to look for either a new experience or a new time for same experience, but you can’t see both at once.

I think it still works through a browser?

NBD as I’m usually only looking for a new time or a different ride. There are two change buttons depending on what you want to do.

I liked seeing both at once.

Can you see them both in your browser?

So fat the browser still works the old way.

Edit- we were there last week. I have an iPhone and it is so much easier to refresh using the browser. It also worked great. I was always able to get my next FPP quickly. And to modify the ones I had. I had to add my parents to my FoP and I wanted to move the time earlier. At 11:01 I was able to change from 2 at 2:00 to 4 at 12:00.

We had so much fun never having to wait long for anything.

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Just thinking about the changes to the app, it seems to me this could be another step towards the paid FP possibilities.

If the suggestions that there would be different “options” available, as there are at Disneyland Paris, this would allow them to restrict those who had not paid for additional FPs beyond the initial three to simply change the times of their existing ones.

Whereas those who paid for additional FPs can be allowed to search for FPs for other rides.

Similar changes could be added, depending on what options they offer, such as:

  • restrict further tier1 FPs to those who had paid for them, whilst limiting others to only add additional tier2 FPs
  • allow some to search in other parks, whilst restricting others to one park a day
  • allow some to make multiple FPs for rides, whilst restricting others to only one FP for each ride



I’m always glad when I’ve survived before another cut… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head: