FW Campsite Selections

Calling @Armadillo_Alert. I hear u r the resident FW expert. I've got a ? about camp site selection. I'm registered for a Preferred site and want a specific site. Last year we paid for Preferred and was in loop 100 on 122. It was great. I remember getting a e-mail from Disney asking for my preference. Really like it a lot and would like to stay in Loop 100 on the outer rim again. I arrive on 10/12. Should I fax my preferences or wait? TIA!

You can fax preferences or just call and have them note your request. They will not guarantee a specific site however.

I would fax it in like any other resort request. Keep in mind that when you request a specific room/site, if it isn't available you may get something completely different. When you get to the resort to check in, if they say that site isn't clean, let them know you're willing to wait for it. We have had luck with that when requesting a specific loop/area (close to bus stop, comfort station, etc). You can also check out the fortfiends.net app "Sites At the Fort" which has pictures of most of the campsites to give you a better idea of what the other "even side" loops look like. =)

Thanks to you both for the advice. I will be faxing my request soon.

Campsites are also included in the Hotel View finder:

Oh wow! That's cool. Thanks!