Fun TS at HS?

Our family will be split up on the first day of our trip. DD11 and I will be at MK at lunchtime, but DD15 and DH will be at HS. They are primarily doing all things Star Wars (June, so before GE opens). They are going to hop back over to MK for the parade (DD11 is in the parade at 2:30).

Is it feasible to get them an ADR at HS? I was thinking 50s Prime would be fun. Or maybe that’s cutting it too close? In which case, what would be a good QS to recommend to them? Obviously, I’m doing all the planning…no one is very interested in giving feedback on plans.

I would think Sci Fi would be fun for them, or 50s as an alternative

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Thanks! We’re doing Sci Fi as a family the next day.

Is it possible to make 2 reservations at the same time if we’re splitting the group? I was going to take DD11 to The Plaza and have them go to 50s, but MDE isn’t letting me. We don’t have to go to The Plaza, but before cancelling, thought I’d ask if there’s a way around it.

You’ll need to make one reservation on a different MDE account (if your husband has his own that’s perfect). The system will not let you have overlapping mealtimes and will force you to cancel one if you are trying to do so. The other alternative might be to just call to book instead of through MDE

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Thank you so much!!

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Entirely my pleasure!

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I just learned if you are on your computer and right click on the time for the meal, then say open In a new window, it will take you past the screen where they make you cancel the conflicting reservation. Just as the res finder does

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It will?!?! This is a game changer!

You’ve done this?

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Yes! I know it is awesome. One of the liners told me about it. It works! I can’t take credit and will have to look up who it was. I feel so silly because we have red. Spread over 3 MDE accounts for our trip with 9 people. If I’d only know… but hey it helps now.

I had to do it twice, but it worked the second time! Thank you! The first time I did it, it said “we couldn’t find any meal times at the requested time” and then the overlapping times were blocked out. But, I closed it, tried it again and it let me make the reservation. It wouldn’t let me add myself (my profile was grayed out), which was fine because it wasn’t for me anyway. I just chose DH as the reservation holder.

So much easier than calling!