Fun Disney/Harry Potter Mask Ideas

I realize masks are a touchy subject at the moment but as a creative and crafty person, I’d love to have some fun with mask ideas from others. Show and tell, even. So far I’ve hand sewn some masks for myself and have figured out which type works best for me. Of course my first thought was, if I need to wear masks to the parks when they reopen, I gotta make them super original and funny. I’ve bought a few Disney and Harry Potter fabrics but I’m also considering other ways to add a little magic to regular fabrics. First thing I thought of was adding a Disney pin to a mask and I have a few that are kind of humorous for the situation. Also, I’m considering making my own small patches from existing Disney and Harry Potter fabric scraps to sew on to masks. Or maybe try cross-stitching words on. It might be a pain to figure out but right now, I’ve got time and a determination to have the funniest original mask I can come up with. So for the sake of humor and creativity (my two most favorite traits) I thought it might be fun to get everyone thinking about how to get a bit of fun out of having to wear a mask, whether it’s to the grocery store or eventually, to the parks. I know a lot of you have said you won’t be going to the parks while masks are required and I completely understand, this is just for fun and everyone is welcome to throw in creative mask ideas whether they would wear them or not! So, I will start by showing what I’ve been able to think of so far. Basically just pairing Disney pins with fabrics so far. So if you have or can think of a Disney or Harry Potter pin that would be humorous to put on a mask, show them too!


I love these! I wish I was creative and/or talented! I don’t know why I didn’t realize how much I NEED a Harry Potter Mask until I saw these!


Love them!


Here’s some inspiration…

The straw-friendly one is perfect for hot days in WDW! :joy: