Fun Bar for a couple?


Okay, so here’s the plan. My MIL is coming with us on our trip next month and the wife and I would like to go out for a couple hours one night while Grandma and the kids hang at the resort. We are staying at the Poly, so Trader Sam’s will be an easy spot to hit, but I was thinking of going somewhere a little further out (still within the World though). We don’t have Hoppers, so it can’t be in a park, and we’ll have already eaten dinner, so food doesn’t matter.

Just looking for a cool place to have a few adult beverages. Any advice?



Wine Bar George?


There are a couple of places in Disney Springs that sound really fun to me.

  • The Edison

  • Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar

  • Raglan Road

I’ve only ever been to Raglan Road, and then only for food. They have a bar, though, and the place is fun. You don’t have to order food there.

I’ve heard good things about The Edison and Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar.


I am going to suggest: Raglan or for a fun place with very unusual drinks: BlueZoo at the Dolphin. You can then walk around the Boardwalk at night.


And check out Jelly Rolls!


I’ve been doing similar research and I’ve decided on Jellyrolls for our kid free evening. As you’re staying at the Poly I wouldn’t miss Trader Sams, can your MIL look after the kids twice? Another option that hasn’t been mentioned above is monorail lounge crawl.


My wife and I love the monorail lounge crawl. One of our favorite things to do on our adult night out :slight_smile:


Definitely got some interesting ideas here. Thanks everyone.

That monorail lounge crawl seems inviting, if not slightly dangerous to destroying my TP for the following morning!


One more that hasn’t been mentioned is AbracadaBar, at the Boardwalk.
It’s between Trattoria al Forno and Flying Fish, so if you wanted to combine it with dinner, those are great options as well.


What are the names of the best lounges (other than Trader Sam’s at Poly) for the monorail lounge crawl?


We just had a great time at Mizner’s Lounge at the GF listening to the Band playing, if you like jazzed up and swing versions of the classics (and a few disney tunes thrown in). Really enjoyed the small plates too.