Fun activities in FW?

Hi guys! Just wondering, what sort of fun things are there to do around Fort Wilderness during the daytime, for someone who’s not going into the parks? Biking? (we’d bring our own) Other things? Thinking of maybe proposing that we stay in a cabin next time to DH, who will come along to relax and help with the kids, but who wouldn’t be joining us in the parks at all.

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We just stayed there this past weekend, and we loved it – although I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if we were trying to really do a lot at the parks. It is somewhat inconvenient to get anywhere that isn’t part of Fort Wilderness, but that’s the idea.

For our few days there, we went to the ranch and visited the horses (and look for the calliope, too!). We saw a lot of wildlife. We took the boat over to the Contemporary to do a progressive dinner on the monorail loop. Kiddo played in the sand on the beach. We saw the Electric Water Pageant and Wishes from the beach. Kiddo played on the playgrounds and played with the hula hoops and horseshoes in front of Trail’s End. DH went for a training run. We spent a lot of time down at the Meadow pool, which has an amazing water play area for kids under 48" tall, plus there’s a wading pool and a “normal” pool. We looked at doing the campfire, but it was insanely packed the night we visited so we skipped it. We checked in on Saturday and checked out on Monday, and I honestly wish we had a couple more days there to do a few more things. There’s archery, there’s fishing, there’s canoe rentals, there’s other boat rentals, there’s biking, there’s the backyard BBQ (if you can get reservations), and on and on (including the other stuff listed in that blog). There’s also the standard arts and crafts stuff (some of which has an additional cost) and pool party stuff, too.

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Awesome – thank you!!