Full list of New Mobile Dine check in participating restaurants at WDW Resort WDW News Today

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Wow, not many location in MK. I wonder if that means those the will be the only TS open.

I wonder how long these will be the limited choices. If I don’t even consider that the virus numbers are going the wrong way, I need to see more that makes me feel positive about my December trip. Understanding that this is reopening information and that things have got to improve at some point, so many restaurants missing on these lists, I just don’t know that we will go.
Did I miss TS in AK? I read this twice.

Thanks for this link. I wonder if any of these restaurants are indications of other resorts they plan to open??? Boatwrights is at POR!

Surprise! Toledo has moved from CS to AK! Hurrah!

I don’t think this is a comprehensive list of restaurants that will be open. I think this is a list - as it says - where mobile dine check-in will be available.

ie: for example the Wave is not on here and will be opening.


Ooh! Good eye!

But also, Chef Mickey is on there and we know there will be no character meals, and no buffets…

What do you make of that?

Hmm. Good question. Unless Chef Mickey’s is going to open, but in a modified form??

But, your line of questioning also brings up the possibility that they are listing only those restaurants which are READY to handle Mobile Dine check in, but not necessarily any indication as to which restaurants will actually be open or not.

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As well as Hollywood & Vine, and Artist Point

But artist point can always go back to a regular restaurant, they just remove the characters. Buffets are a bit different.

Precisely my thinking.