Fuel rods


Has anyone used the Fuel Rods at WDW for their phone? I read that there are exchange kiosks throughout the Worlds, just wondering how well these work. I know the apps drain my battery quickly so looking for a convenient way to keep phone charged while in the parks. Thanks for your help.


I would count on them being used to be honest. You may luck out. However I got a charger pack awhile ago and take that whenever we are on vacation. Works well


We used them in December Picked up the fuel rods (2) at the airport and they were $30 each. We used them and exchanged them often with no issues. There can be some walking to get to where one of the kiosks are, however, what we would do is even if the fuel rod wasn't fully depleted, we would exchange it at a kiosk if we were near one.


We used them last Sept. We ordered them before we got there (online) so they were little less expensive to purchase. Loved it! Great size to fit in your pocket and it comes with a cord for all types of phones.


My external charger is about the size of a lipstick and charges my iPhone twice. I think it was about $15 (it depends on the exchange rate!). Really convenient. Though I hardly used it. I don't take pics on my phone and rarely look at the apps - I print my touring plans.


Thank you to everyone! You have been very helpful. Good to know that the kiosks are not at every corner. Lol and they can fit in your pocket. We take lots of pictures and are constantly checking our apps. We will be using them for our trip. Thanks again!