Fudging age

Hopefully I don’t get judge for this but after completing this trip, I’m realizing they never asked my kids ages. When o did mobile check-in you select how many 3-9 but they’d in. And the times mobile didn’t work they didn’t ask. My question is since my daughter looks young and will be 11 on our next probable trip can I just check her in as 3-9? Do they see her actual age in MDE? I really don’t mind paying for the adult ticket price since it’s not much more but meals are the killer.

I think for a prix fixe meal or buffet, you should be honest if asked, including at mobile check in. At any other TS or QS, you’re paying for whatever you get so if she’s going to have a kids meal, it doesn’t really matter how old she is.


I agree with @missoverexcited .

On our trip last June one of our group always ordered from the child’s menu and she was 16. No one said a thing.

Youngest granddaughter looked 11 at age 9. No one questioned us at meals.

The only issue we’ve ever had was at Typhoon Lagoon when oldest great granddaughter was too tall at 9 to be in the kiddie area with her younger sisters, 8 and 5. I figure that was a safety issue.
As for seeing personal info I doubt it but don’t know.

There is no way that they could know who is in your party for an ADR - unless you add all of your guests in the app ahead of time.

As an adult, I ordered several QS kids meals. It’s up to you and how you feel about it for TS.

The only issue regarding age is at buffets or set priced meals such as CRT, BOG, and AP. At those restaurants when this question was recently asked on chat many liners reported their children were asked their age.

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I’ve had cast members ask my kids how old they are when dining, so you would need to think about how you feel about coaching your kids to lie or to (if you answered the question for them), how you feel about having them see you lying about their age.

I’ve also had cast members ignore their ages and rung my over 10 year olds as kids with a wink.