Ft Wilderness boat launch from MK?

Does anyone know how long the boat launch from MK takes to arrive at Ft. Wilderness? We have a HDDR reservation on August 24th for 6:15, and I want to know when to plan to leave MK to arrive in time! Thanks!

Also, is there still a place to see the amount of time transportation takes from different places? I was thinking there used to be a calculator of some kind?

And, one more: How long does HDDR run? That may be a question for a different category, though…

I’m not sure of the answers to most of your questions, sorry. But I think this might be the link for the transportation information you were looking for:



The boat takes about 20 minutes, so if you just miss a boat, it will be about 30 minutes before the next boat arrives, unloads, and loads. So, worst case, nearly an hour total. Best case 30 minutes. So, plan on an hour.

HDDMR is about 2 hours.

I’ll echo @stuckinbmode. We did this in January. I believe the recommendation is to start making your way to FW an hour before your reservation. We went to the 6:15 show, so at 5:15 we left MK and headed to the boat launch. Had a short wait there, maybe 10 minutes (which is just luck). Nice ride to FW.
Once you get there, you get in line at the check-in podium. Then you get in line to get a commemorative photo taken. Then you get in line and wait for the doors to open. During this time, if you want, you can grab a pre-dinner beverage from the bar that’s right there.
So, there’s a lot of queuing up but it is totally worth it. Get there in ample time so you’re not stressing about the transit time.
We loved it and plan to go again this January.

I agree with the above. Both times that I have had to get to a FW reservation, it took longer than I expected, so give yourself plenty of time. On another note, if it has just rained expect that it will be a bit chilly out on the water. Last August, on a miserably hot day, I ended up feeling chilly on the 6pm boat ride to FW.