Frustrating - Trying to delete my trip and create a new one

I create my trip and noticed I made some errors on the days I picked the parks. I tried to first and clicked the “unselect the park for this day”, but that didn’t do anything. The park still shows up on my trip for that day I just unselected. Ok, so I figured, let me just delete this trip and start over. That’s where the frustration is start to mount, all the information form the deleted trip keeps getting populated to the new trip I just created. Is there a way to completely delete the trip? I want to do a fresh one without it automatically adding plans from the deleted trip. I am pulling my hair out trying to get this to work.

Sorry I did vent a bit there. Any help would be appreciated.


Did you create touring plans? Those touring plans will show up on your dashboard. Go to the website and delete the plans?

That was it. Thank you so much for the quick response.

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Bumping this to see if there’s any way to delete the trip or switch the touring plan without completely deleting? I put a lot of work into the plans before creating the dashboard but even when I’ve switched the parks for certain days and completely renamed the plans with different dates, it auto populates the touring plan field

I am trying to figure out what you are trying to do. On a computer, if you delete your trip your plans remain (over on the side). If you change your dates of your plan, the plan should show up on your dashboard under those dates if you have a trip set up on those dates.

I’ve changed the parks for each day of my trip - for instance instead of being a MK on Monday we’ll be there Thursday. When I first set up the trip and chose a park for each day, it automatically plugged my touring plan for that park into the specific day. Now that I’ve changed the days for each park (or parks for each day!) the touring plans haven’t changed. So I’m seeing the Epcot touring plan still showing up on our MK day and can’t move them. I’ve deleted the trip and tried to create a new one but the plans automatically show up. I’d rather not delete the plans completely, so my question is whether there’s another solution. Thanks!

Have you changed the dates of your actual TPs?

Whenever I’ve changed that it automatically applied the plan to any planned trip days on that date, regardless of whether I’d selected to visit the park that date anyway.

I agree with @Nikkipoooo. As I said, if you go into your plans and change the date it will move on your dashboard.

Ah ha!! Thank you, that did it!

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