Frozen Ride and Anna and Elsa Meet and Greet

We are going to be in Epcot for an EMH morning on November 30th. We do not have a FastPass for Frozen Ever After. Would it be possible to meet Anna and Elsa and then go directly to the ride or vice versa without a ridiculously long wait? We are thinking of taking a mini van to Boardwalk to enter through the world showcase rather than at the front of the park. Has anyone done this or had any advice? Last time we were there the ride had just opened and lines were ridiculous! Not sure how it has calmed down now or not. Thanks!

I think you should be fine and I would definitely do the ride first. DS9 and I entered via the International Gateway in April at a 9am rope drop. We are slow walkers and tons of people were passing us, through World Showcase and then as we rounded the corner where we intersected with the folks from the main gate. Even taking our slow walk into consideration, we only waited about 25 minutes for the ride. There’s no FastPasses at that time, so it helps keep the line moving pretty steadily.

Have fun!

I agree, do the ride first! We did this in June and rode the ride and then did meet and greet and waited maybe 20 mins max at each place.

Thanks for the input!

Definitely do the ride first. We have did this in the past. Wait time for E&A M&G said 35 minutes but Touring Plans said 19. I timed it and it took 18, TP was pretty spot on.

I believe you said you have done this ride before. I personally did not think it was worth the wait. Different theme same ride as before. After going over to HS we finally decided to go to the Frozen Sing along. I do not do Sing Along but this was nothing like that. It turned out to be far better than Frozen Ever After and the line wasn’t half as long. Give it a shot and see what you think. I think you and your family will be in for a big surprise.

We have done the sing along, but we have not done FEA. Malestrom was one of my favorites and its like a knife in the heart to imagine it as anything else haha. Last time we were there the ride had just opened and the lines were ridiculous so we skipped it. However, I now have a 2 year old that is obsessed with Frozen and Moana so we are trying to work it in. We have a FP for the sing along show and look forward to that again.