Frozen procession and fireworks times?

Has anyone heard what time the Frozen processions/parades will take place, starting June 17 at Hollywood Studios? I think there is one at 11am, but I am not sure when the second one will take place.

Also, when are the fireworks officially scheduled? I have heard 9:45pm, but I have not seen anything official. Fantasmic will be at 9pm and 10:30 on June 17.


I was also trying to find this info. I talked to 2 different reps at WDW yesterday. Neither one knew the answer. Also wanted to know where the Frozen fireworks will be held, and if you need to buy the dessert party to see them. If you get any info, please share.

It is frustrating that they do not release or know this information…I do not understand it. I will keep searching! Thanks.

Following this for answers… I’ve been watching for this info and don’t see anything yet. We get there in 29 days and trying to plan. Frustrating they haven’t released info yet!

Within Touring Plans, if you search under Frozen Summer Fun, follow the links to Frozen Fireworks Spectacular, then Symphony in Stars Fireworks you will see information. It looks like the fireworks will be @9:45 behind The Great Movie Ride. Recommended viewing spot Hollywood Blvd.

Thanks @Frank_Cz. If anyone hears what time the second royal welcome/processional takes place…please keep us posted. I will for sure miss the 11am one, but hope to catch the second processional.

Hopefully something will be released soon…we are only three weeks away.

Last year, frozen fireworks were at 9:45pm. They closed toy story for safety precautions and my toy story fast pass in that window was changed to an anytime.

Touring Plans website for WDW Events shows August Frozen Summer Fun, with fireworks, last edited recently.

Touring Plans custom touring plan has royal welcome and sing along, but no fireworks to add as a step.

Touring Plans closed/refurbished attractions list frozen fireworks as closed forever.

Disney has no information about fireworks for the Frozen activities. However, they let me make a toy story fast pass 60 days out that they cancelled close to my arrival date last year, so that source for information may actually be the worst.

Last year, we watched the fireworks from Min and Bills area. However, with removal of hat and placement of stage, the event activities may have changed.

I’d like to know the path of the royal welcome and the times I’ll need a safe place to shelter from all the soap bubbles, because I am allergic.

When do the Times Guides get released for June 13-17? Are we able to download them online?

Anyone know? Thanks!

I’m still hoping someone will have an answer soon!!

When do the Times Guides get released for June 13-17?

Why isn’t the parade/processional & fireworks listed on Disney’s website like the other activities/fireworks?


This is killing me that it still isn’t out yet!

According to the below URL, they have OFFICIALLY announced the Royal Welcome at 10:30am and 1:30pm.
Frozen Fireworks are at 9:30pm.
Fantasmic is at 9pm and 10:30pm so I am not sure how leaving the first Fantasmic and going to the Frozen fireworks would work…just something to consider.


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That’s really good to know! I think my 5 year old would rather watch the Frozen fireworks than Fantasmic… so maybe I should reconsider my plans for the day!

Has anyone been to the Frozen events since they started yesterday? Just wondering what everyone’s experience has been & if the times posted on Disney’s online schedule are accurate.