Frozen Premium Package Check-in?

I'm trying to plan my DHS Frozen day. I have the Premium Package. Has anyone recently been able to check in earlier than 10:00? I'd like to have check in finished and have played in the Frozen Funland and shopped at the Trading post before the parade. How have others handled this? Thanks!

I wish I could help more but we don't go until the last day. I was told on the phone to checkin at 10:00, and online it says 10:30. If love to hear the answer to your question too.

We got in line before 10 AM, and they checked to make sure we were in the right place, but we didn't get our badges until about 10:15, at which time we also picked out or Sing-a-Long time. The idea is that they start checking people in, and when they get to the end of the check-in line, it will be time to let people wander in and get their desserts and drinks and grab a piece of sidewalk in the reserved area for the parade. That happens around 10:30. You really won't have time to do anything more than just the merch shop before check-in, even if you arrive at rope drop.

If you're looking to just do a Frozen day, what I'd suggest is getting there at rope drop to see the quick stage show at the beginning (although it does repeat a few times in the morning). Then head on over and get in line for check-in. If you are near the front of the line, there's a bench there for you to snag a seat. Get your badge and pick the earliest sing-a-long time. Have your snacks and watch the parade. When the parade is done, grab a light lunch (the Commissary works great because it is on the way to the sing-a-long). Do the sing-a-long, and then walk back to the Frozen Funland. We did not have to wait at all to get into the building. Figure that area will take about an hour or an hour and a half to do everything (the "build a snowman" goes in 10-minute sets, and when we were there on the weekend, there was never more than two sets of people waiting in line). While you are in there, you can watch the ice skating show (which was okay -- nothing over the top) or the equally amusing driving of the zamboni. If you desire, get on some skates and go around the loop for a half hour. Skip the desserts -- you will be getting identical desserts (in smaller sizes) at the dessert party. Take the handful of Aurasma photos in there, and head next door to Oaken's Trading Post. We went in a couple of times, and we never waited more than 3 minutes. Once you're done with that, there really isn't anything else to do until the dance party (if that's your thing) and the dessert party.

At the dessert party, I highly recommend the Olaf carrot cake on a stick. The alcoholic beverages are okay, but my favorite drink of the night was the non-alcoholic blueberry lemonade. For the fireworks, you'll have a great view of the stage show, but a less than ideal view of the fireworks. For the best viewing experience, hang to the left side of the reserved area. You'll still be able to see the stage show and will get most of the effect of the fireworks.

Without a doubt, the package was worth every penny paid -- you'll absolutely enjoy it!


Thank you SO MUCH @mascardofamily! That is EXACTLY the information I was hoping for. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed response!

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What time did you get there for the dessert party? We are thinking of hopping to Epcot and then coming back to HS just for the dessert/fireworks. Wondering what time to be back and if it is even worth the hop…

The dessert party starts at 8:30, so if you're doing an early sing-a-long time (like the 12:30 one), even with a stop at Funland and the Trading Post, you still should have plenty of time to visit Epcot.

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