Frozen October Extension

I have been trying to find specific information about the Frozen extension at HS into October. Am I correct that they are continuing the sing along but although they increased the hours there are not weekend fireworks?

I just looked into this for November and it looks like you are correct. The Sing-Along has been extended but the fireworks end in September. Does anyone else have any information regarding this?

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I read the same thing- singalong and oaken's staying in HS - other extras gone

Well then the way things stand now I will not change my plans. I was not happy the HS was closing at 7:00 but I decided to go to AK and ride EE in the dark. I think at this point if they add the fireworks I may change to HS, but for now I will keep my plan. Of course I will be really, really upset if they add fireworks with less than 30 days notice.


Does anyone know if the parade is continuing in October?

@adebonza no. Singalong and shopping/play area only at HS.