Frozen live show,

What’s the latest on Frozen? Had heard it didn’t have FP awhile ago, is that still the case? On a “regular” summer day, what’s the best way to get in with a halfway decent seat? do you have to get there very early and just wait? overall, it’s good, but not as good or as popular as the Aladdin show, is that right?

It is hilarious. It is not really a sing along at all but I suppose you could. Every seat is good and you really don’t need a FP for most shows. Sorry all I was talking about WDW and the Frozen Sing Along show. :crazy_face:

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Here is an excerpt from @lolabear_la, speaking regarding this show:

Frozen Live at the Hyperion is a great show & can offer a reasonable break but it does take a large chunk of the day (show itself is an hour long & you’ll need to show up at least 5-10 min before to get a seat, 30 min if wanting a lower level ie less stairs to climb)

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An hour!! I had no idea.

We’ve always just showed up 5-10 minutes before show time. We sit in the mezzanine and feel like the view is just fine from there. It’s not as good as Aladdin, but we enjoyed it and it is a nice break. We’ve seen it twice, so have skipped it the last couple of visits. But it also was not hot. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Ms.BarbsWildRide for making sure I saw this one!

5-10 min. before has always gotten us balcony which is a hike up many, many stairs but there’s not a bad view in the house (we have sat in in the very back row, far edge of the balcony & even though the stage was pretty far away, the scope of the technical effects that make the show worth watching were all clearly visible & stunning still). Mezzanine is less of a hike & has some fantastic views (some would say the best views). Our favorite is orchestra just, behind the center dividing aisle but not too far back so you’re under the mezzanine. But as I said above, not a bad seat anywhere so even under the mezzanine is fine.

It does fall flat compared to the heart & stitch-inducing humor that was the Aladdin show, but the effects are top-notch, the cast’s talent is Broadway-caliber & there still some laughs, mostly from Olaf, some from the Duke of Weasolton but also, Anna has some bits for laughs. If you are a Frozen fan by any means AND have a 3 day or longer trip it’s worth a see.

If you have less park time than 3 days then I wouldn’t recommend it. If you have a longer trip but aren’t any kind of Frozen fan it may still be worth a see for the seat in AC and potential for a solid nap. And even if no napping occurs, you’ll be entertained off your feet in comfortable temps. And you may bring snacks/drinks into the theater or buy concessions that walk through the aisles to enjoy during the show.


just got back, we ended up seeing it twice. we got there approx 20min before showtime and got lower level “orchestra” seats both times, as we wanted. we had really loved Aladdin, so I did not have high expectations for this one. my kids are older and we never got into Frozen, but we all still really enjoyed the show. we noticed a couple different actors in different parts from one day to the next, no idea which ones are the “main” ones, or if there is a regular rotation anyway.

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We got back last week (also hoping to get to a trip report since it was a longer trip compared to what we usually take) & we saw Frozen as well. For the first time I felt that the show had really come into its own & it was really just a matter of timing on the comedic stuff. In few times we’d seen it before this trip the effects had been lovely, the cast very talented musically and the set stunning but all the humor from all parts had come off as cringe-y & trying too hard.

This was the first time the humor felt natural & had the audience reacting to it. I also don’t know if maybe my memories of Aladdin are starting to fade allowing more space for me to enjoy Frozen, but this was the first time I genuinely enjoyed it from top to bottom & had no criticism of it. And I really have been trying hard to not constantly compare it to Aladdin bc I know that gives no one who is researching a trip now any benefit.

Also, our experience was that we got there 20 min. before showtime & were also able to sit in orchestra (DCA was a 9 the day we went and a HOT day as well). We actually were one of the very last parties let into orchestra but since we were willing to trek all the way to the far side of the theater we ended up in the 3rd or 4th row & had an amazingly up-close view of the stage (which we’ve never had before) so I wondered if that also had an impact on how much more I enjoyed the show than in previous trips.