Frozen Live FP

I’m going to be in California adventure on a low crowd day (2). Park opening time is 10:00 with early morning magic hours that I’m not using. I’m wondering how long the fast passes to the 1:35 Frozen live show will take to be gone. I would like to be in the first showing because of meeting late arriving guests. Do I have time to rush to Radiator Racers and then get fast passes to Frozen? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, if I go right at opening will there be a line to get the fast passes?

Fastpasses for Frozen were removed last week, the machines are gone. You can still see the show standby, although there have been many reports of the shows getting cancelled day of, and Disney is not saying why. Maybe technical or staffing issues. Good luck, I hope you get to see the show!

We’re going in February of 2017 and want to see the show. Are the fastpasses permanently gone? Will it just be a “show up” kind of situation?

Right now the only information they are giving is that they are gone for now and no word on why shows get cancelled day of, but have heard technical issues cited the most when talking about probable causes.

That being said, my opinion is now that Frozen Live isn’t quite new, they probably don’t have a huge need to curb demand with FPs. Aladdin ran for years at the Hyperion and only started offering a FP once and end date was announced and saw a spike in attendance. Even with a FP for Frozen people were lining up 60-90 min before the showtime so it didn’t really save you time. Now that it appears that the demand has gone down for it, they are probably able to accommodate all shows with standby seating not and saving the money to staff a team to man the FP booth from park opening until all FPs are gone (which could have been as late as 30-60 min before the last show of the day meaning they were staffing a full shift just to sit there and man FP booths that weren’t going as quickly as possible).

Again this is all my own conjecture, but bottom line, you should be very fine to do standby. If you’re a fan of Frozen, it’s a great one. I would just recommend that if it is a priority you take the time to wait before the show ( at least 45 min, if not 60 min). It’s also an hour-long show so definitely a good chunk of time commitment, but again if you are a fan of Frozen, you’ll love it. Hoping you’ll be able to catch a show on your trip! I’ll send pixie dust and good thoughts your way for it!

Thanks! I do like Frozen, but my kids LOVE it and I know they would be on the edges of their seats dying to see it. Hope it works out!

You’re welcome! I do hope it works for you too!

We saw it this weekend, and while we enjoyed the movie, the show didn’t have the energy of the movie. It’s a romance, and somewhat of a downer in places, so the musical numbers just don’t have the punch that the ones from Aladdin consistently had. There’s no really big number, Busby Berkeley-style, like “Prince Ali” for example. The “Let It Go” number is very good, but it’s a solo. The special effects are very good, especially the use of moving images on the backdrops, in place of static scenery.

It’s a good show, but don’t expect the big WOW moments that Aladdin had.

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Questioning how much my soon to be 5 yo daughter would enjoy this. She’s seen the still shots and said “I want to go” but her track record of liking non-animated princess shows (e.g. recent Beauty and the Beast bore her vs the cartoon). Anyone else think this may be the case, or your younger girls loved this and it’s worth the wait and length?