Frozen - Live at the Hyperion

Planning a trip to DL Mar 14, No show times listed and TP removes it from the list? Is this show finished? or just when we will be there?

Look at DLR’s website, they have times through March 4th. I wonder if they don’t schedule them further out? I would just check in a couple of days and see if they are adding times past the 4th. I can’t imagine it is finished. That was a major production and we are moving into Spring Break at that time too. I would wait and see when they add it to the schedule.

I haven’t been to DL since Frozen replaced Aladdin. Aladdin was by FAR the best live Disney show I’ve ever seen in a park; always wondered if the Frozen show had the same high production standards.

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I am also wondering about Frozen Live. I see show times for this Friday, 2/24, but not Saturday, 2/25. Am I looking at this correctly?

I looked at the schedule too. There are no times for Saturday.

Figured I’d piggyback on this thread for a question…

When putting the Frozen show into a customized touring plan, it tends to include about an hour of wait time on the listing. Is this the Plan’s way of telling us that we should plan to arrive an hour before showtime to get in? Is this for prime viewing of the show? How about only decent viewing but still getting in?

Do people recommend orchestra level or balcony?

Edit: I should probably include that this will be Monday, May 1st, listed as a 4 for crowds at DCA with an overall crowd level of 5…


The plan is telling you a reasonable wait time for securing seating. On any showing for a packed day or for any later showings on a high crowd level day, you will want to show up bare minimum 45 min. Even though your CL of 4 appears low, I would still plan for closer to 30, maybe 20 min to still get a decent seat.

I have heard the extreme where 5 min before the show people are able to hurry in and grab whatever seating available (but I wouldn’t count on it if you want to plan to see the show). May be possible for the first showing of the day, on higher crowd level day, but definitely depends.

If you plan for the earliest showing in the day you’ll be to show up closer to that 20 min & still get a seat.

As for the view, there’s not an awful view in the house, but I prefer orchestra because we have kids & don’t love to brave as many stairs as mezzanine or the even higher balcony section require to get to them. The mezzanine gives a great scale view of the stage & is usually the most sought after, first to fill section.

Orchestra right after the middle divide is a great view as well that allows you to see (from a different angle) the scope of the stage. And obviously anything in front of that will be even closer to the performers which some people prefer. They do dedicate a large section of center orchestra for preferred/VIP seats so we usually don’t bother to race for the front (again kids don’t make us very mobile for this).

Balcony is the least preferred. For me it’s because it’s so high up (= STAIRS!!) and while you can certainly see much of the stage, it seems very far away, but I have only sat balcony once and was just happy for the seat for the show on a day when we were using the Hyperion theater as a chance to sit down & rest from the crowds as well as enjoy an old favorite show (then Aladdin).


Yes, what lolabear said . . . and:
Balcony was fine for us – great view of the entire stage, we aren’t daunted by stairs.
1 hr wait for w/out FP’s is a good est. Possibly less if one has FP’s, first show of the day, or on very light days.