Frozen Live and Soarin Impacts to Touring Plans

I have the Unofficial Guide 2016 and plan to use touring plans, but I am trying to determine how recent updates at DCA, namely the change to Soarin’ and the new Frozen show, affect the touring plans in the book.

Any input on how to modify the adult touring plans in the book to account for these updates/changes would be greatly appreciated. Will be visiting 8/24 and 8/25.

Very little impact to Soarin with the film change. The FPs are still lasting about the same as they did before, the standby lines are probably a little longer, but since you can grab a FP for it and it’s not a FP that is running out, I would still use the recommended plan in the book.

For the Frozen live, FPs are disconnected and are distributed just left of the Hyperion theater towards the backlot area & Monster’s ride. FPs are distributed in order of showtime and by section (orchestra, then mezzanine then balcony for each show). Lines software have you pull a FP first thing in the morning. If you want to see the first show that’s definitely how I would do it. The line will wind around through the backlot area and if needed along Hollywood Blvd. At park open if you are at the the Hollywood Blvd rope follow the directions of the CMs of where to go and you should be leaving very soon with your FPs for orchestra seciton of the first show. If you want to see any of the later shows, then you’ll have to watch and wait for that show’s FP to start being distributed and the only way right now to do that is to check back at the distribution to see what they are currently distributing.

The show will also take a lot of time. It’s an hour long and if there are any technical delays can go up to 70ish minutes. Also, a FP requires you to show up no later than 20 minutes before showtime (more time if you want to try for prime/better seating in your designated section). Some people will start showing up 60+ min but I feel 30 min is plenty, but I am also not very picky about where we sit as long as we have a seat in the theater.

Any other questions, ask away and if not, hope you have a very enjoyable trip!

The Frozen FPs were running out early when we were there over Labor Day weekend–not as early as RSR, but well before noon. We were unprepared and missed it :frowning: