Frozen Funland - When do skaters perform?

I have seen that sometimes CMs in costumes skate in the rink. How often do they perform? DD7 would really like to see. :snowflake:

I can’t find anything immediately online about this. I’ll ask around.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

There wasn’t a schedule posted when we went. The way it seemed to work when we visited was that there was about a half hour to 45 minutes of “free skate”, then the zamboni driver hit the ice, once the zamboni driver left, the skaters took the ice and did their show. It was cute, but don’t expect anything like Frozen on ice. The show was less than 10 minutes and…well…the entertainers really performed to the best of their ability, but they did make for some great interactions with the people standing around the rink if you stood over by the door where they came in and out. As long as your expectations aren’t too high, it is a cute thing to see once. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, no big expectations. The thing is, DD7 really wants to try to iceskate for the first time, and since I’ll be there on my own with her and her little brother, I don’t think I can manage both kids on the ice at once, so I said – no skating this time, we can try that at the rink at home if you want – but we can at least watch the CMs skate which will be fun too.

Yeah, the other thing about the ice skating is that they don’t have “training skates” – even the kids end up starting on regular skates, when meant my DD4 went on the ice with her dad, spent about 10 minutes screaming in terror as she tried to stand up, and then was assisted to the exit by another person on the ice (as the people manning the rink can’t help you and can’t officially let you cut across to the exit from anywhere – you have to do the full loop. If you know how to skate, it isn’t bad to get out there and do a few laps, but if you’ve got someone who has never skated before, this isn’t the place to start.

Osvald and Olga were great! @len They perform about 6 times a day, I think. When we got home yesterday, the schedule was 12:15, 1:15, 3:15, 4:15, 5:15, and 6:15. They also come back out after the performance to help others skate and take photos.

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