Frozen Fireworks viewing spot

Hi, guys! I remember that @MDU liked watching from in front of 50’s. I am just wondering, if we go there, do you have any view of the stage show or its screen? And if not, are you missing alot (or would a DD7 THINK you were really missing out?)

I think I also remember @pod4christ recommending the intersection of that main street and Sunset Blvd, is that right?

Looking for a good spot for me and DD7 soon! :slight_smile:

Yes. Hollywwod & Sunset Blvd. There’s a huge screen so you can see the interaction with Olaf.

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Awesome – thank you! Would you say that this is a spot we would need to stake out far ahead of time? Would 15 minutes do it? Or more like 30? :footprints:

From the railing in front of 50s you can see the big American Idol screen. We got our spot about 15 mins before the fw started.

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Awesome! :slight_smile:


Here’s the quick rundown about what the stage show is:

  1. Anna comes out and says hi.
  2. Kristoff comes out and says hi.
  3. Anna and Kristoff introduce Olaf who shows pictures people have taken and tweeted out during the day
  4. Anna and Kristoff come back and say they’d like to see fireworks
  5. The stage goes dark and the main fireworks show starts
  6. Elsa comes to the stage and says hi and basically summons up the grand finale
  7. More fireworks
  8. Everyone says goodnight

I don’t think that there’s any benefit of seeing it “in person” (i.e., seeing it at the stage) over seeing it on the video screen – in fact, the whole part with Olaf you will be watching on the screen anyhow. The only reason you might want to see the stage show directly is if you have a die-hard Frozen character fan who hasn’t already seen the characters in either the parade or the sing-along earlier in the day. Then you can point to the stage and say “Look, honey…there they are for the next five minutes” and life goes on. :smirk:


Ha ha! Thanks! Luckily (and thanks to Lines) I was able to book a FPP to meet Anna & Elsa within the first hour of the first day those MK FPP were offered, so we got to meet them a few months ago. I also out of sheer luck had bought DD an Elsa dress for Christmas last year BEFORE they became so popular and hard to find. I was just giving DD a lecture about this the other day, that she doesn’t realize how hard to come by those FPP and dresses are, and she should appreciate her mommy. Sometimes Liners make it look a little TOO easy. :slight_smile:

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Probably 30 and definitely before F! lets out.