Frozen Fireworks For Sept 7, 2015

The Disney Web site has the FFW listed as running on Sept 7 but when I try to add it to my TP, it says it is not scheduled for that day. Is Disney’s web site wrong?

I dunno, but I plan on being there that night, so it better still be going! It’s the official last night of them

I would like to add it to my touring plans so I hope someone out there in Touring Plan Land will fix it so that I can… LOL

It says the same thing for 9/6 think you need to add it as a break. They are probably at 9

It is in the list of Seasonal Items now and I was able to add it to my TP. Thanks to who ever fixed it out there in Touring Plan Land :smile:

Whoops…spoke too soon. I still am not able to optimize my plan. It still says “Frozen Fireworks Spectacular does not have any shows scheduled for this date.”

Hi Will FFW be enabled to add to our TP through Sept 7 since they have extended them to that date now? Please? :smile: