Frozen extension?

Has anyone heard if the Frozen thing at HS will be extended past 9/1? Really hoping as we arrive on 9/6.

I’ve asked a few times during telephone calls to CS…still nothing :frowning:

They did extend the new Epcot After Hours events so it’s certainly possible.

I sure hope so! Good morning, Outer :v:

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Morning again Okie! :wink:

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I think WDW will be renamed Frozen… lol… its everywhere now

I spoke with a plaid last week who said a few of the “Frozen Summer Fun” signs have been changed to “Frozen Fun”. He couldn’t confirm anything but felt they would extend it due to it’s overwhelming popularity (& $$$$$) :smile:


I’ve seen that info posted elsewhere as well @pod4christ. And glad to see you made your way over!

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I can’t imagine they won’t extend at least some portions of it. The transition to “Frozen Holidays” would not be much of a stretch. Because of the cost I expect the FW to probably stop on schedule, but I can’t imagine the sin-a-long and “play area” would have very high operating budgets.

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I haven’t been but based on reviews that I have read, I agree with @bswan26 that either one or both the sing along or skating are likely to continue as attractions, maybe even become “permanent” because it just makes sense for DHS to attract more of the 6 and under crowd. And the money people are spending on merchandise cannot go unnoticed. Why cut off an enormous stream of revenue?

Also hope it continues…for those folks who were unable to get down to WDW this summer, a little “Frozen” fun will be nice after 9/1

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AHHH Now I will have to change the touring plan again.

As much as I hope they extend this I dread it at the same time as I would have to decide on an extra day at dHS or EP. I love EP but my kids would :heart: frozen fun.

That’s exactly my fear!

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I’m coming in September and I’m hoping it will still be there! Frozen is my favorite movie. I cant let it go!

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I am hopeful. I noted that HBD and H&V are NOT f! Participating at all in November or December (but are daily in January…) so I’m hoping for some frozen holiday… I have 2 days duplicated in ADRs/plans in case I want to swap things. :wink:

I’ve been hoping for it in November (fingers crossed)!

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I am hoping they don’t have it in November. At some point this whole frozen madness has to calm down.

There is actually an edit button here on the forums so you can change it.

Found it. Thank you.