Frozen Ever After without FastPass+

I reserved fastpasses+ for my next trip (mid July) Since Frozen Ever After was not even open, I did not receive a lot of feedback about it. I ended up reserving soarin’ for tier 1, but my daughter really wants to do FEA. What are my chances if I try it first thing in the morning? I’ ve heard that the lines can be VERY long.

I would make sure you are there early enough to be at the front of the line at RD and go right to it then.

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Thanks!! Hope it is not very long…

Well if you are one of the first ones in you should not have to wait long. It’s a new attraction so everyone wants to ride. We rode it last week. It’s a good one.

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Did you have a FastPass for it?

Yes we did RD for Soarin

That’s what I should have done…Was the standby line really long?

We had a 8:00 garden grill and got to ride early. We got off at 9:02 and got in line again waited about 30 minutes.

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Not that long! Thanks!

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I would keep trying to switch your FPP from Soarin’ to FEA, right up until the day before. If you can’t, then plan on being at the gate AT LEAST an hour before RD and as soon as they let you in, walk with “extreme purpose” straight to Norway. You’ll probably still have a wait, but it shouldn’t be the multi-hour lines that build within the first 30 min or so of opening…

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I will. Thanks for the advice!!

Does anyone have any experience riding FEA after 7pm without a FP? I can’t get a FP to save my life. :frowning:

Someone reported that just before and during IllumiNations the line was down to about 90 min…

We did FP for Frozen. I would highly recommend it. If not race to that ride when you get to the park and be there before the World Showcase opens. One recommendation is possibly do breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Then when done with breakfast jump into line there. We did breakfast at 830 and did the Fastpass and when we left the wait time at Frozen was 180 minutes already. The line inside is deceiving as you look at the line outside and it appears to not be that bad, but once inside is meanders a lot. There is a lot to look at in the line, but we did Fastpass and we were in the line for about 3-5 minutes. Totally worth using a Fast Pass. But if not available maybe do the breakfast as early as you can so you can walk into the park prior to it opening and do breakfast there. There is a separate line to get into the park if yo are doing breakfast. It actually was very nice to see the park not crowded that morning and seeing everything prior to the park opening. Your daughter would love breakfast there as all the Disney Princesses are there.

Are these multi hour lines expected to continue into the fall months? On low crowd days, would FEA still be a mess in October/November? What’s been the trend with new attractions in the past?

Would all depend on the day. FEA just opened this summer so with Summer being a peak time, the 180 minutes plus is something that the stand-by lines will be like for a while. Possibly going when there is an Early Magic Hour if you are staying in the park, might be another good option as well to get into the line as early as possible with stand-by. But still highly recommend Fast Pass whenever available.

I couldn’t get a FastPass to save my life
I went during last Thursdays Early Magic Hour
Was thru the gates about 8:01AM
Went straight to FEA, got there about 8:15AM. Sign said 30 minute wait
Got off the ride at 9AM

At 9AM when the park was just opening to regular guests the wait sign was already saying 90 minutes