Frozen Ever After with No FP+

Our trip is last minute and we are arriving in 3 weeks. Of course there are no FEA FP+ available so I am playing around with my TP trying to figure out what the best way to do it is. We could do morning or late evening. The day we are planning for is Oct 28 and it is a crowd level 4 estimate. When I optimize my TP, it shows to go to Soarin’ first along with some of our other ride choices then going to line up at FEA after 11:35 am and it’s saying it estimates only a 36 minute wait. That seems short compared to the reviews I’ve read. Any feedback? Should I trust that or modify?

I too would suspect that is a low estimate.

That’a what I thought. Even putting in in the TP in the mid evening, it is showing only a 48 minute wait.

I would rope drop FEA and then head to Soarin. We went last week and they allowed everyone from the main gate in at around 8:40/8:45. We were near the front of the crowd. We were intending to rope drop TT, but it wasn’t open. We headed straight to FEA and had a couple minute wait. We then headed to Joy and Sadness and they had a 10 minute wait. Our tier one fastpass was Soarin, which we had for after lunch. We got a fourth fastpass later in the day for TT. This was a crowd level 3 day.

Plan for an hour wait for FEA, and you’ll be fine (should be just under that, most of the day).

Manually place FEA as your first stop and let evaluate it from there. (Don’t “optimize” or it will move it again). I think if you rope drop FEA, you’ll be happy.

We got to epcot at about 8.45 and after queuing to get in rushed over to FEA and were there at about 9.10 and waited no longer than 15 minutes even though the indicator increased from 10 mins to 120 while we were in the queue.
This was Monday 17th October.

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What’s Joy and Sadness? Is it a ride or a meet and greet? Where is it? Planning our trip now and see nothing about these two characters!

It is a meet and greet across from the character spot in innovations West. They can get long lines so it’s best to go at rope drop or end of the day if you don’t want to wait as long.

We went on an evening when illuminations was on at 10pm.
Nobody there at all at about 8-8.30pm

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