Frozen Ever After: When Will FP+ be Available

Does anyone think they’ll open up FP+ for the Frozen After Ride late June? Or not until a while of making everyone line up?

Or did I miss FP+ opening up, and they have FPs but they[re all gone now? I did a whole bunch of planning, then paused for a bit on checking in on this stuff.

I think they opened up when they opened the Jungle Book dining packages? I think on May 20th?

Yep. Snoozed on my Disney planning for a couple of weeks there and missed that. I have Akershus early morning, so well-placed to be in stand-by line pre-RD…? And honestly, this ride would be more for me than my kids unless line well under 15-30 minutes, they’d definitely rather head off to Sum of All Thrills than wait in a line 30 minutes+

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I think your plan is good! See your FP for the new Soarin!

Soarin’ looks like something that will make me seasick. BUT… I snagged Frozen Ever After FP after a few days of trying. Ditched my TestTrack FP for it, so I guess we’re headed for TT @ RD.

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If your kids are old enough, you can do the single rider line at TT, to help reduce the wait. You can go in the gift shop (exit of TT) and design your cars there, then get in single rider line, otherwise only those in the standby line get to make car designs.

No, I have littles, we need to stand by together. Hopefully the families will all run to Frozen Ever After, and the bigs will all run to Soarin, leaving TT for us? Not 30 minute wait instantly at RD? Well, my plan shows it 23 even with 9am start, sheesh.

At least if you get stuck with a long wait at TT, the line has cool car stuff to look at. Soarin’s line has nothing, it’s like you’re walking into a bunker. That’s the main reason I would FP soarin and rd TT.

Did you see the rumor about Sum of All Thrills?

Yeah, I think TP blogged on it, too? Crossing our fingers, for my DS7, who would love this. Hopefully it can last one more month. The last comment on this post says it’s from a SOAT cast member, who says the rumors are fasle…?! So I have hope.