Frozen Ever After- Rope Drop

Wondering if anybody knows how Frozen Ever After is right at Rope Drop. Is there already a long line from people having breakfast at Akershush? How reliably has it been opening right at 9?

When we rope dropped it in September we waited only a few minutes in line. Epcot opened around 8:45 and it was open.

So, does Frozen Ever After actually open at RD, even though the WS doesn’t open until 11 am or has that changed? Can you enter from the back WS gate at RD?

Norway & Mexico open at 9AM now with Frozen Ever After. You can enter from the International Gateway entrance - although I believe you could always enter that way at 9AM it was just not much was open previously…

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Mexico changed back to 11:00 a few months ago, but FEA still opens at 9:00. The bakery in France also opens at 9:00.