Frozen Ever After Dessert Party August 2019

Still waiting for August dates to post for Frozen Ever After Dessert Party. I think any day now. I don’t know if this dessert party will continue after Illuminations final day on Sept 30th. Most likely it will, but haven’t heard anything about it.




Oh, my gosh! I know! I look at least 3 times a day!

What datesare u looking at. Im trying fofor the 23rd, 19th as backup

We were thinking the 11th. I’m sure once they open the dates we will be able to get a reservation.

Dates just got posted. I assume we will be able to book tomorrow!

Awesome! Yes, we should be able to book tomorrow morning! Good luck! Sooooo excited! :smile:

Finally booked! Woohoo! Now…next week fast passes!

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Still no September, or October :disappointed:

Hang in there. It’s a painful process, I know!

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Yup. I’d been hunting since February

waiting for Sept too! I’ve never done a dessert party but figured since it will be my last viewing of Illuminations, this would be the perfect time!

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August and September are posted.


I was able to book on the last night of Illuminations on my quick weekend trip for GE. Pretty happy I won’thave to fight for view on what should be a crazy night.


Anyone have an idea when or if December will open?

I keep checking every day. I will post if I see it open up, welcome to the forum!

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I check everyday too!

@shtomich @galuchies_463555

Just noticed this little nugget on the event page:


  • Now through November 30, 2019: $79 per adult (ages 10 and up); $47 per child (ages 3 to 9), tax and gratuity included
  • Starting December 1, 2019: $99 per adult (ages 10 and up); $59 per child (ages 3 to 9), tax and gratuity included

Now that they’ve announced the price change I assume they should open it up for booking soon.

I can go in November, but it will require some maneuvering in my plans. I guess I need to decide if all the changes are worth saving $84! :roll_eyes:

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That gives a glimmer of hope. I will be there on the 30th but that’s a travel day, no way will I get DW to close a park. Thanks for sharing

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28th is the last party in November anyway.