Frozen Ever After Dessert Party August 2019

Does anyone know when new reservations will open up for The Frozen Ever After Dessert Party? It only goes through May and I’ve been watching it for over a month. Would love to do this with my family in August as our final goodbye to Illuminations.

I’ve been waiting as well. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence. I’m wondering if they are waiting for a definitive end date of Illuminations before they put these out.

I honestly thought once March 1st came they would at least add on June. The waiting games kills me…lol. I’m a planner. :slight_smile:

Me too. At least with most of the dining reservations you have an exact date to prepare for, but once inside the 180 day window I hate having to constantly check to see if anything has changed.

If I see it open up for reservations I will post it here and let you know. Please do the same. Have a magical day.

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Waiting as well for July…

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Me too, hoping for August 14th. It’s already on my touring plan. Fingers crossed!

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Waiting for July 4 here! I know that I am going to have to be quick!

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I am eagerly watching for new dates as well. I’ve been checking other sites to see if there is any info about an ending date for Frozen Ever After Dessert party. I even called WDW-DINE but they had no additional information. I’m looking for late June.

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Fingers crossed they extend the dates soon! It is so hard to plan not knowing.

Tell me about it. I keep telling myself it shouldn’t be any harder to get then normal, but that isn’t really true as I won’t know when it pops up. I wish the reservation finder could do dessert parties. I’m worried about the star wars one too because I’m booked at HS 3 days before SWGE opens.

June is up for anyone trying to get reservations. Still waiting on July and August.


I just checked every date in June and nothing is available! This morning the dates were not released so sometime this afternoon they did open for reservations! My goodness! It is going to be so hard getting this event for August!

I think the general thought is that the dates appear one day and they are usually bookable the next day. So maybe there’s still hope for you!

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Ohhhhh…never thought of that! Will be checking it out again tomorrow then. Thanks…you gave me hope. :slight_smile:

Yea, there is still availability for tomorrow night for Frozen. And if anyone cares it looks like Star Wars party is up through July now.

Thank you all! Went on this morning and there is availability for June now. :slight_smile:

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July Frozen Ever After Dessert Party just appeared for reservations. I do believe tomorrow you can make yours. :slight_smile: I’m waiting for August! Can’t wait!


Closer, yet still so far away

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How did this work out for everyone? Wanna book a dessert party for October and see only halloween party. Nothing else open after August.

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