FROZEN Ever After arrival time from breakfast

The earliest breakfast time I could get in Epcot for Akershus is 8:20 on the day we go to Epcot in June. I was online just 3 minutes from the first day we could make advanced reservations, and that was the earliest available time. We are going to use our tiered Fastpass for Soarin’ which means we will not have a Fastpass available for Frozen. With a breakfast time of 8:20 at Akershus, does anyone think it will be posible to make the Frozen ride and only have to wait a minimal time in line? If we could wait less than 45 minutes I’d be a happy camper…

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Even though you adr is 820. Go ahead and arrive by 8. Many times you will get seated right away

I might be wrong here but there were just a couple of posts stating that Akershus rarely seats ahead of time. Now your talking breakfast and they were talking dinner. My own experience with Akershus says they are very firm on ADR times at least at dinner.

I’m wondering if it might be worth trying to book the Frozen dessert party for Illuminations to then have a guaranteed ride on Frozen afterward and not have to stress about getting through breakfast to get in line without a fastpass…

I have the same dilemma as the original poster. My reservation is at 8:10 and we were hoping to eat, ride Frozen and then meet Anna/Elsa. Any idea what the wait is like if we go right after our breakfast?

We did this Christmas week and we’re extremely thankful that we had a fp as a backup

What time were your breakfast reservations and what time did you get to the ride?

What time does the park open that day? I think we had an 8:30 or later reservation last year and got into the park early before it opened… We were able to be the first people on the frozen ride with 2 other people, meet Anna and Elsa with like 3 groups of people in front of us and make our 8:30 or 8:45 reservation!!

If I remember correctly we had an 8:15 ADR for Akershus on a 9am park opening. We tried to get to the park so that we could get in before 8am, but they held us with ADRs at the front entrance until 8am. So we didn’t get into the park until a little after 8, and by the time we got to Akershus it was probably 8:15. We were seated fairly quickly, met all of the princesses, my girls did the princess parade (they were obsessed with Ariel and followed her around, it was adorable), and we were finished and in line for FEA 5 minutes before it opened. I took a picture of the 0 minute wait time since I figured I’d never see it again. We went from there over to see Anna and Elsa where it was probably a ten minute wait. I don’t know how much the five minute difference will cause, but 8:15 worked great for us.

What time of year did you go?

We were there this past September. Our Akershus day was on a Saturday.

We were seated at around 8.20 and would have been leaving just on 9.00

We will be there in mid June. Epcot will open at 9:00, but it is my understanding that people are allowed to line up prior to 9:00 outside the Norwegian area? We are going on an EMH day where Epcot will be open until 11:00. Since we are doing Fantasmic the night before and then Magic Kingdom fireworks the following night, I think I’ll get the FP for Frozen in the 9:00 hour and then use FPs for other rides at the 10 and 11 hour (hopefully this will work out). Then that would leave a same day FP available for Soarin '(assuming there are any left) or we can take our chances and try to ride while most are at Illuminations.