Frozen dresses are coming!

Anyone still looking for frozen dresses? You soon won't be. The frozen craze has died down significantly to a point where the dresses at the disneystores have lasted a few days instead of a few minutes. People have gotten their dresses at DL, disneystores, or other places. All these people are not buying them again so naturally they'll be more for everyone to buy who hasn't had a chance to. Everyone knows halloween is coming especially the disneystores. I have good news! The week of Monday August 18th every disneystore is expected to have big shipments of frozen dresses in time for Halloween. I'm not sure what day it's happening or what time but just keep an eye out for them. No need to panic either as they've been lasting pretty long in the stores, and they are supposed to be restocked in the parks as well. Hope this helps!


I just saw some earlier today at Party City.