Frozen celebration at DHS

If you have been to DHS, would love to know what you loved, what to avoid and details to "know when u go" about Frozen celebration. Tx.

We went last week. The sing-along is excellent for kids and adults. The parade is very short, maybe 10 minutes, followed by a brief show at the hat. It's cute. The fireworks are phenomenal and not to be missed.

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Have seen the fireworks 4 times. AMAZING!!!

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Fireworks can't miss! Get a good spot and enjoy. Wonderful!

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Only saw the fireworks and they were wonderful! Following Liner Tips, we watched from the railing outside 50's prime time cafe. They pipe in the music on the water so that was nice (as the park music was playing if you stood farther back). Kids loved it! Friends of ours watched from the entrance...but don't leave too quickly as there was (spoiler) snow after the 'show' was over. If my girls were younger, I would most definitely had wanted to do the full package...but although they like A and E, the fireworks were enough.

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It still has not been extended? I keep on checking the October HS hours and I am ready to change plans but I am beginning to think it will end in September.

@Principaltinker last date is still end of Sept. I havent seen an extension:(

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If you are there on an EMH evening, stand off to the left of the stage near the MGM arch. You'll want to line up near the center opening. It is a great spot to view the fireworks as they shoot above the Great Movie Ride. Then you are already in the first pack of the herd to get to TSMM. The cast members will "slow walk" you to the attraction.

Hint for the herd- you want to be in the middle or slightly to the right, not all the way on the right. The "lanes" end on the right side and you'll get pinched. This way you'll be ready to enter the que into TSMM.

I hope this helps.