Frozen-9:20 dining reservation

How early can you get into the park with a dining reservation? We have a 9:20 and I’m hoping we can get in early and get front of the line for Frozen before we eat at 9:20. Is this doable?

You’ll get in when the park opens so you need to be there really early so you’re at the front of the queue. It’s quite a hike back there, I think you might be late anyway - assuming you are eating at Akershus. If at Garden Grill, I think you will definitely be late.

Yes, at Akershus. It seems you might be able to get in an hour before reservation through the dining reservation line? Wasn’t sure if anyone knew for sure. I haven’t been able to find definitive info.

If you have a reservation before park opening then you will be allowed to enter around 7:45ish. If park opening is at 9am on your Epcot day then you won’t be let in until 9. @missoverexcited is correct in that it is a hike back there and 20 minutes could be pushing it depending on your walking speed.

Just my own personal experience here, so YMMV (ooo, never used that before!).

We couldn’t get reservations for 10 at Akershus, so we had one group of 3 scheduled at 9:25 entering from IG, and one group of 7 scheduled at 9:45 entering the main gate. The group of three was able to get in early, I think 8:30-ish, just by telling the folks at the entrance that they had a dining reservation. CMs didn’t ask or check the time. So they (the group of 3) texted us to try and get in early. At the main gate, they actually scanned our magic bands and said we couldn’t go in early because our reservation was for after the opening time. Not sure if they are always more lax at the IG entrance or if it was just that day (or the fact that my MIL will push until she gets things her way…).

I had a similar experience as @jessk328 and during the holiday season. We had a 9:55am Garden Grill ADR. We went to the cast member who let folks in with PPO ADRs and simply said that we had a breakfast ADR. The cast member confirmed that we had the ADR and then let us in early. I always wondered if we just got lucky, but now hearing @jessk328 experience it makes me wonder if this might work more often.