Frontier out of Harrisburg

Has anyone flown Frontier out of Harrisburg recently? We usually fly SW out of BWI, but Frontier is half the cost for our June trip. Thanks!

Have not yet, but interested and following…

Is it truly half with all the added fees (seat selection, baggage)? I’ve flown them out of Charlotte a few times and it was fine, but a little uncomfortable.

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Right. Remember, Frontier only allows a free personal item. A carry-on costs $30. Paying for Seat Selection is usually not necessary. (unless you want specific seats) They usually don’t have to split up families.

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I shocked myself by even considering Spirit the other day and after I added all the things it was the same as the other carriers.

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Yes. We would save about $500 and not have to drive to BWI. I’m just really nervous about cancelations. They only have one flight on Sunday and one on Thursday.

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I know how you feel with only 3 flights per week. I’m sure the chances are small of a cancelation but I imagine they would help you get a flight at BWI or PHL if something happened?

I don’t think they fly out of either airport, so I think I would have to figure something out on my own. I am really sick of the drive to BWI though. I moved here from Suffield CT and Bradley was literally 15 minutes away.

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I’ve been looking at Frontier flights out of PHL for a future trip. They have at least 5 direct flights to MCO every day.

That’s good to know. Thanks!

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Yeah Spirit isn’t quite the budget airline they used to be. Especially if you want the convenience of choosing your seat (window please) and actually carry luggage with you.

Yeah that’s the gamble.

It’s been a long time since I lived in the Triangle (York, Lancaster, Harrisburg), but back then I would take the drive to BWI over the drive to PHL. What has changed?

BWI is about an hour and a half for us. Definitely better than Philly though. Harrisburg is much closer than both, but there aren’t many flights. I got very spoiled in CT!

Well now look at this

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No that has not changed.

My sister and her family flew down on Frontier from Harrisburg in November. I didn’t hear much about the flight, so I would assume she didn’t have any difficulties.

Yikes! I would definitely be nervous with there being no later flight if they cancelled. I do know what you mean though as we live right at the PA line. We do the drive to BWI in a little over an hour.