From no Princesses to ALL the Princesses

Background, we did do a cruise 2 years ago focusing on meeting characters. When we started planning our trip for November in February dd9 was adamant about not wanting anything to do with princesses. I did book an ADR for 1900 Park Fare though for dinner because I want to see the comedy of the wicked step mother and step sisters. DD was also very involved in planning giving input on everything. She loves youtube. Well thanks to youtube, dd came to me last night and asked to meet ALL the princesses. We’re not up for CRT since I have a DS12. That’s not worth 2 dinner credits for the family. I was thinking maybe switching out 1900 Park Fare for Akershus. I already have meeting Ariel at MK and Belle in EP/WS on our plans. Is it worth it to try to find a reservation for Akershus for Snow White and Aurora? If we did this I would take out meeting Ariel and Belle in the parks also.

Looking for opinions from veteran Disney goers. Which dinner is better, including food, 1900 Park Fare or Akershus? TIA!

Another meal that is recommended to meet the princesses is Bon voyage breakfast, where you meet Ariel and Erik, as well as Rapinzel and Flynt Rider.

Akershus is good food and you meet at least six of the princesses. You also get your picture taken as a family with Belle when you enter. Of coarse nothing is free anymore so you must purchase the picture at one of the photograpy centers. It’s a great time and the little one’s love the princess march where they parade through the tables with the real princesses.

@MissBelleCA I’ve heard great things about Bon Voyage. Unfortunately, we can’t fit it into our schedule without cutting into precious park time. I tried so hard to fit it in our original plans.

@DocHopper We will have the memory maker, will the picture be included in that? What six princesses did you meet? I’ve seen Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Mulan, and Ariel on youtube videos. Does that sound about right? I need to see what the children’s menu is like. DS is super picky. That’s another reason I booked as many buffets as possible.

Yep! It is definitely a time consumer. We are going on our last day, which has no parks scheduled and a late flight.

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We liked the food and characters more at 1900 Park Fare. The only princess there is Cinderella, but the stepfamily is so much fun. And it is one of the few places where you get to meet a prince. We weren’t overly impressed with Akershus. The food was merely okay. There were a lot of princesses, but we didn’t interact with them as much. That might have been just us, as none of the family is big on characters. But we didn’t have to work at it at all with the characters at 1900 PF.

You can also do Enchanted Tales with Belle at MK to meet her. That was a fun little show.


Thanks. This is my original impression after researching a ton and the reason I booked 1900 PF. I think I may keep the original plans. I’ll sit down with DD this weekend and watch some videos together, show her the meal plan and see if we can keep things as is. We have met Belle before. The reason she is so into Belle right now is she’s in a production of Beauty and the Beast this fall. We met her on our cruise 2 years ago. She bounded her without evening knowing what bounding was (nor did I). She insisted on wearing her hair up in a half bun with the rest going down her back. I’ll see if I can find a pic.


Then Enchanted Tales might be right in her wheelhouse: hopefully she can play a role in the story there!

The Akershus photo with Belle is included in your Memory Maker. Just checked mine from 2016 and it was in there. The hardcopy photo from 2014 is who knows where. I like the digital option better than getting a hardcopy to carry around with me in the park.

We really enjoyed the food (lunch) at Akershus. Only the picture with Belle (before the meal) is included with Memory Maker. There are no Disney photopass photographers for the princesses that come by your table. We had Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, and Snow White visit our table.

Really looking forward to 3 little princesses in training in our group, to see the princesses at Akershus dinner.

I can barely keep track of latest fave princesses for my Dgd almost 6 tho. She mentioned Jasmine this week. Did I hear there was a meet with Jasmine somewhere? This is the only character meal we’re doing this trip.

Jasmine meets in Morocco in Epcot.

Thanks @Belle- We’re doing quite a lot of Agent P this trip. so I’ll keep my eye out for Jasmine meet times!

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