From Country Roads to Disneyland

Y’all & family (DH, DD17, & DS12) are headed to CA on Friday (via Phoenix airport so we’ll wave @Jeff_AZ as we pass through)! We will start our trip in San Francisco, travel to Yosemite, move on to Monterey & Morro Bay, and finally finish with 2 1/2 days at DL. We are staying at the HOJO for our DL portion of the trip. We have 3 day park hoppers w/G+.

I anticipate our drive from Morro Bay to Anaheim to take somewhere between 4 - 5 hours given traffic. By the time we drop our bags at HOJO & turn in our rental car, I am guessing that we will begin our touring at DL around 4pm on day 1. I have no plan in mind for that day & want to use it to get our bearings. We have a park reservation for that day at DL & a dinner reservation at Lamplight @8pm which I may cancel because I have another one for the next night (our DCA start day) at 7:50pm.

I have a general idea of where I want to start each day based on park reserved, but don’t really have a touring plan made for this trip. Our last trip home was WDW in 2021 for our c-vid revenge trip when there was no FP/G+ and it was glorious. I’m assuming that with G+ and a start-of-the-day strategy, we’ll be just fine.

My last trip to DL was in 1988 when I was 15y. I still have the sweatshirt that I bought then & will be taking it along to wear in the evening. Starting my trip report now so that I don’t forget to do one & will update again once we make it to DL.


Fun times ahead! Safe travels!


Awesome! Update us here on what worked well for your strategies! We are flying in for our first trip next month!


@Quatchima2 will do! And welcome :slight_smile:

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Are the Country Roads in Louisiana?

Excited to follow along!


Not Louisiana. Almost heaven, West Virginia!

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What part of WV? Have family in Sistersville/New Martinsville/Middlebourne area - about an hour north of Parkersburg along the OH River.

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We are in the Charleston/Kanawha Valley area about 1 1/2 hours south of there

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We started in San Francisco on Friday, 7/21 where there were clear blue skies & warm temps.

We moved on to Yosemite where our senses were overwhelmed

We drove to Montgomery, Carmel by the Sea & finally Morro Bay

But tomorrow… we go to Disneyland (after a 4 1/2 hour drive from Morro Bay)!!!


You’ve seen some things already and still have DL to look forward to!!

Great pictures!

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What an awesome front end of the trip! Can’t wait to hear about DL! I see you’ve got Lamplight either tonight or tomorrow! That is such a great meal in a fabulous setting. Enjoy!

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After a stress-filled drive on the 405, we checked into the HOJO, returned our rental car & headed into DL around 2:30.

Because we were all starving, we headed straight to Bengal Barbecue for skewers, hummus trio & a giant Disney pickle. I had booked a LL for Buzz because that is our traditional 1st ride, but the wait time at Pirates was 20 minutes & we jumped in line for that 1st.

When we tapped in at Buzz, I grabbed an immediate return for Star Tours & we headed there next.

DD wanted to ride MMRR so we decided to walk there next because it was a 30 minute wait. We noticed that Small World was only a 5 minute wait because it was close to the time for the parade to start, so we got in line and did that before heading into toon town.

I had booked a LL for MFSR after we rode Star Tours but we had a little time before we could use it. We decided to head into Galaxies Edge for dinner at Docking Bay 7. We shared the pasta with batha & the Kefta. Both were delicious.

We used our LL for MFSR & I booked a Haunted Mansion LL for 8pm. We got 2 canisters and didn’t completely destroy our ship! We hopped in line for Rise since it was a 60 minute wait.

By this time we were all feeling exhausted. We decided that a churro & our HM ride would be a great way to end the day & we were back at our hotel by 9:45.

Our park reservation for tomorrow is DCA. Im hoping that everyone is rested enough for an early start!


DL, Day 2:DCA
Try as I might, I could not everyone up & moving to be at DCA for rope drop. My WDW panic engaged & I just knew that my plan & our entire day were going to be in shambles.

We got through security and into the park after 8:30 & headed back to Pixar Pier to try and put the pieces together as best we could.

And we had the most wonderful day going COMPLETELY off plan. It is so easy to pivot here!
DD & I rode Incredicoaster while the boys jumped on the WOD (they dont do upside down), then we grabbed a num num cookie, some cold brews & headed for Avengers Campus. DD & I had a LL for Guardians (got Hit me with your best shot) & the guys watched Warriors of Wakanda.

We are middle row, far left.

We watched the Spiderman show & jumped in line to use our Web Slingers LL. I got a virtual queue for Rogers while in line for the 12:15 show. We got dumped out of the line & were issued a ME LL.

We grabbed Schwarma, watched Avengers Assemble & then it was time for us to check in for our spot to watch Rogers.

Mezzanine view was great!

Webslingers was finally back online & I had booked a replacement LL so we used that & then headed to RSR to wait in a never ending line. It was so much fun, but we will use single rider in the future now that we’ve done it together once.

After grabbing some ice cream from the cozy cone & looking around cars land, we walked to Monsters Inc to use our LL there. Roz is always watching.

We rode Soarin LL, Grizzly Peaks, Little Mermaid & the Swings before heading to the Lamplight for our dinner reservation.

Dinner was Lobster Nachos to share, DD & I had the Salmon PLT, DS had the cheddar burger & DH took the servers recommendation & tried the pork chop. Everything was delicious. We were seated outside & they invited us to stay & watch WOC from our table with a note that they cut off ordering anything else at 8:30. This was such a great spot to watch from!

We still had a ME pass from Web Slingers to use so we split up. The guys rode web slingers again. DD & I used ours at Guardians & got Born to be wild as our song.

The park was closed when we finished and we took our time walking to the exit enjoying the lights along the way.

Even arriving later than we wanted, we did everything that we had planned to do, plus we watched Rogers.

Hoping that our last day is just as magical because it’s 7:50 am & these lazy people still aren’t ready to go! LOL


This is fantastic!

Beautiful photos :star_struck:


DL Day 3 - the one where we are all exhausted but refuse to stop.

We fought the urge to sleep in and stumbled into a low wait time DL around 8:30. We headed straight for Alice with a 5 minute wait. We got side tracked by wandering characters

But it was still a walk on when we arrived. The boys decided to be brave (& I decided that I could use an adjustment), so we jumped in line for Matterhorn. The 15 minute posted wait turned out to be closer to 20 & we all had a good laugh at our jump scare from the yeti.

My son had wanted to ride Nemo so we headed there next.

I mobile ordered French Toast sticks, a breakfast slider, coffees & tea from Galactic grill while we were in line for Nemo. We settled in for those next and had breakfast with a famous Disney duck!

We rode Pinocchio and Snow White, did the castle walk through and then headed to Adventureland for our 11am Indy LL.

We spotted so many characters this morning!

But before we can ride Indy…

This was all that was left of the 6 Beneigts by the time the bag made it to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We stopped to listen to our favorite Captain along the way

Finally, we made it to Indiana Jones

This ride is SO WORTH it. We loved it & hope that they work it in at Animal Kingdom somehow!

Then we took a jungle cruise with Skipper Aimee

I had booked a Big Thunder LL at some point :woman_shrugging: so we headed there and mobile ordered pizza planet while we were in line. We didn’t want a lot of food and figured that splitting a couple of pieces of pizza and an alien macron would be just enough. Is it the best pizza? Nope. Did it do the job? You betcha!

Since we were there, we rode Buzz again because we are competitive and love bragging rights.

We hadn’t ridden Peter Pan yet & everyone wanted to since it had a 25 wait. So off we went.

It was hot and time for dole whip & the beautiful sounds (and AC) of the Tiki room.

DD & I had a LL for Space & DS/DH had one for Autopia so we split up for those around 3pm. After browsing through the gift shop, we all headed over to ride Rise again with a 60 minute standby time. We ran into the Mandolorian in Batuu

We moved quickly through the outside Rise queue but once we got into the inside, we crawled for a bit. I went ahead and booked a MFSR LL with an immediate return time because I saw the writing on the wall. Sure enough, the ride went down so we bailed to use our LL.

When we exited MFSR, I checked to see what was available next & Rise had just come back up with a 20 minute wait. We race walked & walked right in to join the resistance

We were all feeling the effects of 9 days of walking (we had been to SF, Yosemite, Monterey and Morro Bay before DL), so we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner & to call it a night. While we were eating our Black Tap burgers, the kids asked if I could get a Webslingers LL for our last vacation hoo-rah (we are a competitive bunch). So, with LL in app, we went into DCA and ran into this guy

We had a great time on Webslingers and headed back to the HOJO to pack for an early flight back to the east the next morning.

We loved Disneyland and the ease of it all. Space Mountain here is far superior to WDW in my opinion, the quick service food is far & away better than WDW, but we missed being in the bubble.

We left CA at 7:30am PST and arrived home in WV at 10:50 pm. DD had just enough time to change, pack her soccer bag & head off for Midnight Madness. Her last 1st practice of the season & the official start of her Senior year. It was a great trip to finish the summer with!:face_holding_back_tears:


Sounds, and looks, like you had a great trip!

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My husband forgot to send me this picture. This was my absolute favorite character meet & I was wearing my Chesire Cat loungefly to catch his eye. LOL.

He was amazing. He sounded exactly like the character too.