Friendship Boats

Does anyone know when/if the friendship boats stop running at night? I’m planning on touring Mexico-America and then hoping to hop the boat back to Mexico for dinner and Illuminations.

I believe they stopped running the boats, on that side of WS, last year.

Oh, too bad. I wanted to do that, too. The Disney website does indicate they’re operational (although I know that the website is not always accurate). They don’t list any hours of operation or departure times, but do show them under “Water Transportation” on the EPCOT map.

I vaguely remember seeing a sign for last departure 7pm…

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That seems like a reasonable time to clear out the lagoon before fireworks! May just have to hoof it back on foot and earn myself an extra margarita!

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I just rode one today! Last boat is 9:30pm

There was a refurbishment going on with them. I don’t believe they stopped for forever though I’m not sure if they have resumed/if refurb is complete.

Resort/DHS boats from International Gateway stop at 9:30 PM (park close) due to gondola cable installation. They’re supposed to resume normal operation later this month.

The World Showcase boat runs until 7:30 PM.

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