Friendship Boats IN Epcot Info?

I’ve searched but couldn’t find anything and I’m hoping someone here can help.
How do the Friendship Boats work within Epcot?
I am aware they aren’t a time saver, but I’m trying to alleviate crowd navigation in an ECV.
Due to shows/ADR - ideally I’m interested in boarding one near Morocco & taking it to the one closest to Mexico but I have no idea how to incorporate that info my plan or how long it takes. Any insight would be appreciated.

One runs from Morocco to Canada, the other from Mexico to Italy.

I think they run pretty much continuously back and forth, about 15 to 20 minutes each way including loading/ unloading?

Disney’s map shows boats docked at Canada/Morocco Mexico/Germany. I wasn’t sure how they traveled. I guess I will plan on walking & keep an eye out for the boats, I honestly never noticed them before!
I’ll be sure to pick up a times schedule and maybe they will be on there as well.

Our Christmass day plan had us wanting to go from Canada to Italy, which is when I started searching to find out how they ran.

And while we were there that day the Mexico to Italy boat wasn’t running. They are a good way to rest weary feet, but a bit unpredictable to necessarily rely on.

I would play it by ear and not depend on them being in the right place at the right time lol!

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