Friendship Boats Epcot

Do the two Friendship boat routes go back and forth? E.g. Canada to Morocco but also Morocco to Canada? Is it free? How often do the boats do their route? How much time is the ride?

It’s just one boat that runs continuously back and forth between the 2 docks. Generally it’s about every 15 minutes and in all honesty it’s faster to walk between the 2.

Good to know. Thank you.

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It’s a fun view and nice for tired legs. It stops running early, at 6:30 in July. It might stop once it gets dark so worth checking!


If the boat just left, it may be quicker to walk - depending on speed of (old) tired legs.

We’re big fans of the boats. One trip the captain - who looked about 12 - steered over by France. We were all what???

Then he announced over the loudspeaker: Belle, the big boat loves you!

Belle was doing a meet and greet in France near the Lagoon.

Good times


And the Mexico to Germany route hasn’t run for a long time now, as in years. I don’t see it coming back. I can’t even remember if those were the two stops lol!

Italy was the far stop.

The near was on the other side of the store there - can’t recall it’s name. Something Outpost?

The Morocco route is one side and the used to be Italy route was on the other side. eta - there’re two buildings in that area. The Italy route was near the shop building, Mexico side. Upon approaching the lagoon from FW, we used to quickly scan which dock would have the quicker departure and head for that dock.

Used to be, during busier months, both routes would be running. During slower times - like January pre-marathons - only one route would run. Sometimes this day was Morocco while the next day the Italy boat was running.

Then eventually, it was just Morocco or both. And then just Morocco if the boat is running at all.

I miss the double decker buses. We used to get a late WS ADR and then bus to FW. And then one trip we had to walk to WS! Rude!

I wish I could anchor some of these changes to specific trips. I’m sure somebody knows.

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