Friendship Boat

I am reading that the Friendship Boat goes from Epcot to some resorts, but not POFQ. Is there a way to do a connection from one of the ones it DOES stop at TO POFQ? Like a layover?
The YouTube video I looked at made it seem like it’d be a fun ride, but is it worth it?

The boat that goes from Epcot’s International Gateway to DHS stops at the hotels along the way - Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin. That’s a separate body of water that does not connect to the water at POFQ. Buses do not connect from hotel to hotel. You could ride the boat from Epcot to DHS, then catch a bus to POFQ.

You can also get off that boat from Epcot at any of those hotels, catch a bus to Disney Springs, then take a boat (from the dock at Marketplace) to POFQ.

So for the night we have reservations at Chef Mickey’s, we could take the boat from Epcot and then return to POFQ afterward by bus?

Chef Mickey’s is at the Contemporary Resort, nowhere near Epcot. One option after eating is to walk from the Contemporary to the MK entrance/bus stop area (short walk), and catch a bus to POFQ.

Oh. Ok! I thought it also went to Contemporary. Sorry. Now I get what you mean. Thanks!

You’re welcome! Have you looked at a map of the whole WDW? I like to look at Google maps of WDW. You can see it as a map and as an aerial photo. It really helps you understand where things are and how big the place is.

I have looked at Google Maps for our resort, but not for the rest of it. I probably need to. I have a suspicion that I’m going to be totally overwhelmed when I get there…even with all my planning. But I’m trying to be prepared.

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There are three unconnected boat “systems” in WDW. One (with different boats and routes) services MK, Poly, CR, GF, FW, WL, and the TTC. A different one services EP, DHS, BW, BC,YC, and Swan/Dolphin. Another one services PO, DS, and SSR.

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You will not be overwhelmed. You will be FINE. You are doing your research, and planning. You’ll be FINE.
I think most would agree that Epcot to Contemporary would be easiest by:

  1. Disney bus from Epcot (should have a bus that goes directly to Contemp?)
  2. Monorail. You might have to take monorail from Epcot to TTC, then hop on the resort monorail.

IMO, the Friendship Boat from Epcot to get to the Contemp would be a huge waste of time for you, The Friendship Boats are for leisurely rides between Epcot and Hollywood, and they make stops at the resorts and the Boardwalk between Epcot and Hollywood. Pretty uneventful.

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You can’t get a bus from Epcot to Contemporary, you’d need to take the monorail. Or if near the International Gateway, walk to Beach Club and take bus to Magic Kingdom. It’s then a 10 minute walk.

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