Friendship Boat to Hollywood Studios

Does anybody know if the friendship boat from the Epcot Resorts to Hollywood Studios is back up and running? I’m trying to decide what day to go to our Trattoria Al Forno breakfast and the deciding point is the boat.

Disney’s site says from May 7th for 'approximately 6 weeks" - but since that is still on their site, with no opening date listed, I am pretty sure they are still not running

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They were only running from BW to Epcot last week. The docks at Swan/Dolphin and HS were being worked on. It looked like the Skyliner construction was affecting the HS boats, so who knows how long that will last :frowning:

Skyliner won’t stop the boats. It’s the work on the bridge that’s stopping them.

The boat dock at S&D should be finished soon, I think the bridge is worse than they thought.

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I heard the construction was being extended, but have not seen an end date as of yet. Hopefully it is soon…